This is a very exciting time in your life, 

We, at JT Ghamo, understand that clothing is the ultimate mode of expression.

We know that every wedding is different and each couple has their own ideas for

the perfect wedding.


You've spent a lot of time planning, please don't choose your men's attire

out of a catalog whether your are purchasing a suit or a tuxedo rental.

Try on before you make your selection, as each body type is as different,

and sometimes photos do lie.

Let JT Ghamo provide you with the look that's right for you.


We look forward to seeing you soon!


Real People, Real Weddings by JT Ghamo

 In collaboration with

Pearl Weddings & Events 

JT GHAMO, Tailors Clothiers Tuxedos

137 Sisson Avenue, Hartford, CT 06105                   

Tuxedo Rental  (860)232-4405

Men's Clothing (860) 233-4666

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