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Life is worth living in style,

Dress like you live and live like you know how to dress!

At JT Ghamo, we pride ourselves on our ability to custom alter all outfits regardless of your body type or personal preference. Instant service is available for all in-stock tuxedos. Tuxedos are available for rent or purchase in a traditional or slim fit with the finest fabrics and the latest styles. Our goal is to help you achieve the style you've been dreaming of wearing.


Rental Styles

Here is a look at some of the styles available at JT Ghamo. All of these options come in both traditional and slim fit sizing with additional tailoring included as needed. Please note that there are more options available in-store to rent or purchase. If you have any questions feel free to call or come in-store for assistance.

burgandy peak.jpg

We are not just about being trendy! We are all about high end tuxedo fashion and the gratitude it brings a man when it is worn correctly. We have Tuxedo rentals or purchase  from boys size 3 to men's 73 in all the latest styles.

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